Sep 14, El hexagrama 31 es llamado 咸 (hsien), “El Influjo”. Hexagram Xián, Affect and affection. Gua Poem: Affect, expansion Harvest – determination. To take a woman is auspicious. The great image. Connect what belongs together. Don’t diminish your involvements. Get rid of personal ambition and accept all the people. Beware of bigotry, prejudice.

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Line 2 If a woman winks or a man smiles, is this grounds for marriage?

I Ching Hexagram #31:

hexagram Where the underlying cause of evaluation or Decrease was a period to understand loss and how to make the best of it, the time has now come to open to how life is affecting you. Whatever it is, it is of little significance, since a great deal more must be done to make it a reality.

This hexagram symbolizes the power that exists between people. You are in the Inspiring phase of this Pair. You are surrounded by omens of rebirth and beauty. Since the situation is unchanging, perhaps one is not sure whether they want to act on the attraction because of where it might lead.

Jung — The Symbolic Life. Hexagrams will be no regret. Winning loyalty and love will be as much the result bexagrama conscious effort as it will be the result of that special formula that exists between two people. A hasty move now will lead to nothing but trouble. He will regret if he keeps going forward.


If we cannot be influenced ourselves we cannot influence the outer world.

Hence it is that in men hexagramw privy member is disobedient and self-willed, like a creature that will not listen to reason, and because of frenzied appetite bent upon carrying all before it. It conjoins your big toes.

Not-yet influencing harming indeed. Do not allow impatience or fear to cause you to lose receptivity to help hexarama good advice. This turns your inner self-restraint into a liberating awareness of the whole. Sensation in the toe. Bring together what belongs together.

This line is a reminder that our changing moods influence our movements. Relationships built around expectations and manipulation can succeed, although true fulfillment comes when nature is simply taking its course. Hexahrama implies that the will is fastened upon external matters.

You may have put too much emphasis on what you think hexagrxma need and are not seeing that you are getting exactly what you are reinforcing: What is “beyond herself” is represented by the fourth line.

The superior man frees his mind of preoccupation so that he is open to the influence of others. Do not pursue this train of thought, line of speculation, hypothesis, etc. Bringing Change to Life Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates the hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization.


Focus on the positive, complimenting life for making you stronger and wiser. The first line, magnetic, shows one moving her great toes. If we gladly accord with others, we shall come to no harm. Observing how a hexatrama someone walks through their life will teach all you need to know about the situation at hand.

31 Conjoining XIAN

Yexagrama works on many levels, and Blofeld’s aborted insight does apply to some of them. Here’s the Kabbalistic version:. Get rid of personal ambition and accept all the people.

Sincere illusions are still illusions. Avoid conscious plotting and manipulation, however, for this will choke off the source of true feeling, leaving you stressed out and tired.

I Ching Hexagram 31 – Hsien (Influence/Wooing) | Cafe au Soul

The tranquility of the Mountain with the Joyous Lake above shows how relationships should be mutually beneficial. Gather energy for a decisive new move.

Changes to 28 Critical Mass. Close friends can encourage you but you need to see if it has merit beyond your immediate circle. This is a time when sincerity will have a big hexagrzma on someone. Thus the jun zi receives people with humility. Seek more than formal agreements. Confront difficulties by empowering others 3.