The plane. They’ve already announced the landing. In a city. A city that kept everything it could The airport. Two cemeteries. A better hospital, some others just. Would you like to discover a disconcerting play by an Israeli playwright who has not yet made a name for himself here? Moreover, do you enjoy powerful acting?. Ilan Ronen brings the wit, poetry, and piercing humor of Hanoch Levin’s Krum to vivid life, in a scintillating contemporary production at the.

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Hanoch Levin – Wikipedia

In one of the few interviews that he gave at the beginning of his career to Michael Handelsalz from Israel Defense Forces Radiohe answered the question “Why do you write specifically for the theater? Live Music Calendar Contact us About. The criticism further addressed the play itself: The play was allowed to mrum on only after it was edited. Krum is pure pleasure, its pointed depiction of human weakness always hits ldvin mark, invoking gales of laughter, each burst of laughter accompanied by a pang of recognition.

He may be seeking love, but he has not met anyone; he aspires to become a writer, but has yet to write anything at all. The play included hanocj scene in which the naked Job, in the person of Yosef Carmonis impaled through his anus on a pole by the Caesar’s soldiers, and is sold to a circus so that his death throes can draw a crowd.

Miriam Taaseh-Glazer, at the time the Deputy Minister of Education and Culture, announced from the Knesset dais that the State need not fund a theater “where a naked guy hangs for ten minutes with all his privates waving around. Programmes in Braille and accessible print will also be available for people with visual impairment at this performance.

His next play, Ya’akobi and Leidentalthe first that Levin also directed, was first presented in December at the Cameri Theater. After serving his compulsory military duty as a code clerk in the signal corps, Levin began to study philosophy and Hebrew literature at Tel Aviv University — Yitzhak Zamirthen the government’s legal counsel, recommended indictments against the theater management for transgressing censorship law.


During this period Levin also wrote two screenplays: The glass wall enables several focal points to be visible on the stage, with action in the background and foreground, reflecting a contemporary sense of perception, creating a flow of action, and offering opportunities for visual humor.

Miri Lazar; Video Art: Perhaps because it was presented on the stage of an established theater, the play krm an unprecedented storm of public opinion. During the s, some of the critics charged that Levin was repeating material in his plays Yakish and PoupcheHamitlabetalthough his later plays The Dreaming ChildThose Who Walk in the DarknessReposeand others received widespread acclaim.

The Theater of Hanoch Levin. You can change the settings and obtain further information here.

Amir Tal; Lighting Design: Through all the drama and heart-ache, Dulce Eran Sarel and Felicia Sara von Schwartze stroll through in style that favors lots of black, glitter, animal prints and chunky jewelry, going from wedding to Bar Mitzvah, eating greedily and always wanting more. In the s, his brother, David, who was nine years older than he was, worked as an assistant director at the Cameri Theater.

Views Read Edit View history. His father ran a grocery store. Although the Council for Film and Drama Criticism banned the entire play, Kottler decided to present it. David Levin directed the controversial play, which made pointed use of vulgarity, and contained provocative sketches such as “The Binding” in which Isaac begs his father Abraham not to hesitate to slaughter him, and “The Courting” which mocks Israeli volubility and arrogance.

In these two works, Levin mocked Israeli military pathos as in the parody “Victory Parade for the 11 Minutes War” of the victory speech by General Shmuel Gonen at the close of the Six-Day Warthe impotence and complacency of Israel’s politicians “Peace Talks in the Middle East”and presented a macabre treatment of bereavement “Squares in the Cemetery”. During his university studies, Levin associated with the Communist Partywhere he met Danny Traczthe dramatist of the Communist youth.


Also inLevin sent a radio play called Catch the Spy to a radio drama competition at Kol Israelwinning first prize.

The play presents, among other things, an Israeli citizen who asks to emigrate to the United States. Shiboigen Eli Gornstein appears only via Skype. Although Trude longs to marry Krum, he fancies the blonde bombshell Tswitzy Yarden Bracha who prefers to party with her temporary beau, the very entertaining Bertoldo Guy Mesikawhile planning to marry up. He had four children. El meu compte Cistella Cat Eng Esp.

The next great tempest occurred in the wake of the play Job’s Passion in Home Theatre Cameri Theatre: In a nice contemporary touch, she pulls out her phone and takes a picture of his plate.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The actors embody the characters without excess, it is in this relative restraint that their individual hues and textures are expressed most effectively, and savored with pleasure.

Haim Gamzu ; “This ‘theatrash’ mahazevel makes us all out to lfvin despicable killers, citizens of a militarist, money-grabbing state. He achieved his first great public success with his next comedy, Hefezwhich was mounted on the stage of the Haifa Theater in Marchdirected by Oded Kotler. Information points Accessibility How to get there Parking.

Cameri Theatre: Krum

Levin’s translation into English won first prize in in a radio drama competition in Italy. The poem was later reprinted in his poetry collection Life of the Dead.

After ninth grade, he left school to help support the family. Next, Levin wrote a satire called Ketchup. Ula Shevzov; Movement and Music Editing: In the meantime, Trude has her back-up fellow Tachtich Eran Morwaiting in the wings, hoping for a miracle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Levin’s first “artistic” play was the comedy Solomon Gripwhich premiered in May at the Open Kruk under direction of Hillel Ne’eman.