Need to fix your GH Type 4 14″ String Trimmer? Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. Manual, semi-automatic and automatic L-sealers with shrink tunnel. Output up to pph. GH/ – Infeed Conveyor. FP Series; Characteristics. Black & Decker 14″ Grass Hog Xp Trimmer/Edger Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information – ,GHpdf.

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Information on candidate’s personal data processing. I have to buy the whole motor assembly! I actually forced mine open and broke that screw out before I found nanual hiding place.

See All 15 Vacuum Brands. Hope this answers your question! I was using this trimmer for some light work then it started spinning very slow. This item should not be obsolete.

Manual, semiautomatic and automatic sealers with shrink tunnel

The Diagram does not even show this part. See All 11 Outdoor Recreation Brands.

GH Type 1 Or 2 jeffW. How is it done? What is the proper way to thread the string on the spool? If it was built to last and not to make money like a copy machine. Is there some way to find out how to do this correctly? I just got taken for the same reason. Drive wheel is not available separately, so the trimmer is trash. Also to replace the belt 4 part no. There really is no way to know what updates where made when a type number changes. Why do they do this!!!


Unfortunately the large drive pulley is part of the motor – part number, and cannot be purchased separately. Jabetexceso decuerda basta e xtraedo hacia a fuera detasranuras de La segunda opci6n es tlevar o enviar et producto con flete pago a un Centro de retencidn, como s emuestra entaFigura 1 1.

I’ve tried to pry it apart but no go. You have come upon the same problem that countless other users of this product including myself, just today as a matter of fact have experienced. I have ordered another backup spool. I removed the gh1000 shaft to replace gh100 lever and now the shaft wont lock into place.

Black and Decker 14″ String Trimmer | GH |

I really liked the product for the first hour. More parts to order. Restaurant Equipment Parts Brands.

Mine lasted a year and a half then the plastic manjal and plastic wheel the belt turns melted. I used it for maybe 20 minutes and the driven gear stripped along with the belt shredding. Replacing The Outer Housing DO NOT allow any liquid to get.


A tear down reveled a melted drive gear that was made of plastic. Black and Decker Grass Trimmer Parts. See All 38 Grill Brands. If the plug does not fit fully into.

Where Does This Part Go?

Yes, to remove the housing you have to take the Black and Decker logo on the same side as the screws off and remove the logo printed tape and there is one more screw under that paper before you can take the housing off completely without breaking it.