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Romanians do believe in god in a huge proportion. Who is the idiot that came up with this idea? You could do better. The value of your chip stack will then be shown on the right.

Variabilitate genetică

If there is no prize for coming 3rd, 4th, 5th or whatever just leave them blank. Play the original Pokemon FireRed games with cute cosplaying little girls as. So there is no question about the existence of evolution. You did not state that creationism would be taught in school, that is correct, but I am not sure at all, that all the the people here saw this fine difference.

Sadly, many of your stupid ideas, and your stupid behaviour is copyied by the young Romanians.

Bad Astronomy

And even in our religion classes the teachers there taught us about the Christian mythology and at the same time told us that no person in his ore her right mind would take these stories literally. BTW if you accuse the people of variabilitates seeing the context in which one has to see this, it would be really nice to actually give the people that context instead of focusing on the errors of that other person.



If you want to verify that my documents are currently applicable versions you can click herewhich is where I got the first three links. So, if you are from one of these countries that scores so high, I would not be so disdainful of the others. You can ask the members of CSI the skeptics, not the crime scene investigators about that.


Romania, you need to wise up, vui. Romania sure has its own bunch of problems, but creationism does not seem to be one of them.

Look at the people here in the US who are avoiding modern medicine altogether and instead praying, ultimately letting their children die.

December 9, at 2: For the same reason is it not politially correct what I said? Especially I can find no clue that the churches want to infiltrate the biology lessens. There have been open letters, protests, blog posts, all the ingredients, especially in Feb-Mar Nobody File Archive [1. Formula de medie 7. Instead, humans evolved from a primate ancestor from which monkeys also evolved. From all I can see the assumption that Romania is not teaching evolution at all is grossly exaggerated.

Blog Archives – litexs

Taking Darwin as an example, The Origin of Species was written for an educated lay audience. Hell, even the catholic church, which still has a lot of christians under its banner does not condemn evolution. Cristian Adomnitei is just a moron. Hypatia, your namesake is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Conjugatul lui z 4.


And that there is a large influential faction of the society which wants to introduce religious doctrine into the biology lessons? After all, students from Slovenia do and they have had to endure a Balkans War not too many years ago.

Hey, cool it, man! And I have corrected this and have given you due credit. Learn about working at ICM Software. December 8, at 9: Second, Evolution has nothing to do with big bang theory BBT.

December 9, at 9: In Romania entered the EU. Why is the Intelligent Design theory so repugnant for some? It must be working. If you must useit would be best to install it on a computer that isn’t attached to dreditatea network or the Internet. That does not stop the USA from finishing near the bottom in almost all international surveys of science and math education, despite the fact that the USA spends more money per pupil than any other country in the world.

June 22, at Phil, First of all, this is old news.