16 Cfr. JUAN PABLO II, Carta apóstolica «Dies Domini» (31 de mayo de ) 19 JUAN PABLO II, Carta encíclica «Dives in Misericordia» (30 de. Dies Domini Apostolic letter on keeping the lord’s day holy, 31 May by Giovanni Paolo II, , Lettera enciclica sull’impegno ecumenico. To the youth of the world, Mother of the Redeemer, Dies Domini. Cover of: Dies Domini .. Cover of: Para leer la encíclica en clave de sur.

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As certain elements of the same Jewish tradition suggest, 12 to reach the heart of the ” shabbat “, of God’s “rest”, we need to recognize in both the Old and the New Testament the nuptial intensity which marks the relationship between God and his people.

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Do not pay him homage in the temple clad in silk only then to neglect him outside where he suffers cold and nakedness. The fundamental importance of Sunday has been recognized through two thousand years of history and was emphatically restated by the Second Vatican Council: Sullivanand “conservatives” Mark LoweryLawrence J. Moreover, there have always been groups within Christianity which observe both the Sabbath and Sunday as “two brother days”.

It was in this spirit that the Second Vatican Council, making a pronouncement on the possibility of reforming the Church calendar to match different civil calendars, declared that the Church “is prepared to accept only those arrangements which preserve a week of seven days with a Sunday”. At Sunday Mass, Christians relive with particular intensity the experience of the Apostles on the evening of Easter when the Risen Lord appeared to them as they were enciclida together cf.

Similar expressions are found in hymns included in the Liturgy of the Hours in various modern languages. AAS 61 Therefore, in commemorating the day of Christ’s Resurrection not just once a year but every Sunday, the Church seeks to indicate to every generation the true fulcrum of history, to which the mystery of the world’s enciclicx and its final destiny leads.

In any enicclica, they are obliged in conscience to arrange their Sunday rest in a way which allows them to take part in the Eucharist, refraining from work and activities which are incompatible with the sanctification of the Lord’s Day, with its characteristic joy and necessary rest for spirit and body.


This rather traditional way of keeping Sunday holy has perhaps become more difficult for many people; but the Church shows her faith in the strength of the Dnciclica Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit by making it known that, today more than ever, she is unwilling to settle for minimalism and mediocrity at the level of faith.

Pope Francis Evangelii Gaudium Laudato si’. But at the same time I wish to turn to all of you, Christ’s faithful, as though I were spiritually present in all the communities in which you gather with your Pastors each Sunday to encixlica the Eucharist and “the Lord’s Day”.

It is the mystery of Christ itself which demands this: The Code of Canon Law of for the first time gathered this tradition into a universal law. But it emerges particularly at Sunday Mass because of its special link with the commemoration of the Resurrection.

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Receiving the Bread of Life, the disciples of Christ ready themselves to undertake with the strength of the Risen Lord and his Spirit the tasks which await them in their ordinary life.

The present canonical and liturgical provisions allow each Episcopal Conference, enciclixa of particular circumstances in one country or another, to reduce the list of Holy Days of obligation.

The Second Vatican Council defines abortion, together with infanticide, as an “unspeakable crime. To “keep holy” by “remembering” Given this, the Prayer after Communion and the Concluding Rite — the Final Blessing and the Dismissal — need to be better valued and appreciated, so that all who have shared in the Eucharist may come to a deeper sense of the responsibility which is entrusted to them.

The day of hope This unity becomes visible when Christians gather together: Now, by God’s design, the great saving events upon which the Church’s life is founded were closely linked to the annual Jewish feasts of Passover and Pentecost, and were prophetically foreshadowed in them.

Sunday Mass thus produces rich fruits for these Christians too, and they are truly enabled to experience Sunday as “the Lord’s Day” and “the Church’s day”.


But there was another rhythm which soon established itself: It was on the Sabbath that the Jewish people had to gather in the synagogue and to rest in the way prescribed by the Law.

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The divine rest of the seventh day does not allude to an inactive God, but emphasizes the fullness of what has been accomplished. She wants to help Christians to do what is most correct and pleasing to the Lord. Believers are therefore called to satisfy this need in a way consistent with the manifestation of their personal and community faith, as expressed in the celebration and sanctification of the Lord’s Day.

CCL 36, ; Epist. As John writes in the Prologue of his Gospel: In fact, “all time belongs to [Christ] and cies the ages”, as the evocative encciclica of the Easter Vigil recalls in preparing the Paschal Candle.

This Christocentric vision sheds light upon another symbolism which Christian reflection and pastoral practice ascribed to the Lord’s Day. The poetic style of the Genesis story conveys well the awe which people feel before the immensity of creation and the resulting sense of adoration of the One who brought all things into being from nothing.

It diex therefore xomini wrong to see in this legislation of the rhythm of the week a mere historical circumstance with no special significance for the Church and which she could simply set aside.

In this way, they will be led to a deeper understanding of Sunday, with the result that, even in difficult situations, they will be able to live it in complete docility to the Holy Spirit. The custom of the “weekend” has become more widespread, a weekly period of respite, spent perhaps far from home and often involving participation in cultural, political or sporting activities which are usually held on free days. If believers are not to be overwhelmed, they must be able to count on the support of the Christian community.