Its presentation as a giant Meckel’s diverticulum (>5 cm) is rare and is Publisher: El divertículo de Meckel corresponde a la persistencia. Intussusception secondary to Meckel’s diverticulum in a 3-month-old girl. Case reportInvaginación intestinal secundaria a diverticulo de Meckel en niña de 3. Int. J. Morphol., 25(3), CASE REPORT. Meckel’s Diverticulum. A Case Report. Divertículo de Meckel. Reporte de Caso. Sampath Madhyastha.

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J Indian Assoc Pediatr Surg. It is a remnant of the connection from the yolk sac to the small intestine present during embryonic development. It revealed some ulcers in the distal ileum, one of those serpiginous Fig. Laboratory data showed severe anemia with hemoglobin level of 3. In cases of isolated small bowel ulceration alternative etiologies to CD should be carefully investigated since IBD treatments carry significant costs and side effects for patients.

Retrieved from ” https: Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs? Clin Anat, 24pp.

Meckel’s diverticulum – Wikipedia

Angiography might identify brisk bleeding in patients with Meckel’s diverticulum. Access to the abdominal cavity using routine laparoscopy provides essential information on the diagnosis and for the dr. Preoperative detection of symptomatic MD requires a high index suspicion, and arrangement of the diagnostic tests. Resection of Meckel’s diverticulum was performed with certain degree of protection, the biopsy showed no remaining ectopic tissue.


Treatment is surgical, potentially with a laparoscopic resection. The natural history of Meckel’s diverticulum and its relation to incidental removal. There are studies of tumours lodging in the DM lumen, which may be benign, such as leiomyomas, angiomas, or neurofibromas, or malignant, such as leiomyosarcomas or carcinoid tumours 2.

We present a case in which acid-secreting MD mimic Crohn’s ileitis. The diverticulum was attached to the ante mesenteric border and was suspended by a small peritoneal extension from the mesentery.

Digestive Diseases and Sciences, 50 7— MD stems from the incomplete atrophy of the omphalomesenteric duct, which normally closes from the tenth week of embryological development and becomes a fibrous band that disappears 2. World J Gastroenterol ; Physical examination revealed paleness of the skin and mucosae and sinus tachycardia with normal blood pressure. Thus, in cases of acute surgical abdomen, the diverticulum complicated Meckel should be considered.

The highly acidic secretions of gastric tissue may cause ulcerations that often lead to early diagnosis because of symptoms of gastrointestinal bleeding. British Journal of Surgery.

Case report A year-old male presented a 4-day history of gastrointestinal bleeding passage of bloody stool. The preliminary diagnosis of regional enteritis Crohn’s disease was assumed.

[Giant Meckel’s diverticulum in an adult].

Laparoscopic resection for incidentally detected Meckel diverticulum. Meckel’s diverticulitis is frequently misdiagnosed as appendicitis. Complete blood count revealed leukocytosis important, not found electrolyte disturbances and serum amylase was within normal parameters. Classic presentation in adults includes intestinal obstruction and inflammation of the diverticulum diverticulitis. Your feedback has been submitted successfully.


Meckel’s diverticulitis masquerading as acute pancreatitis: The laparoscopic approach is appropriate when DM is suspected, as the entire abdominal cavity can be explored with the minimum possible surgical trauma. Malignancies may also occur but are found in only 0.

Reports from autopsy and se studies range from 0. Imperforate anus Rectovestibular fistula Persistent cloaca Rectal atresia. The preliminary diagnosis of regional enteritis Crohn’s disease was assumed.

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The omphalomesenteric duct omphaloenteric duct, vitelline duct or yolk stalk normally connects the embryonic midgut to the yolk sac ventrally, providing nutrients to the midgut during embryonic development. The main drawback is that this is not available at all hospitals.

Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. The incidence of Meckel’s diverticulum in the general population digerticulo been estimated to be about two percent Standring,