Dilvish, the Damned [Roger Zelazny] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Strong spine with light wear and creasing, and small repair. Escaping from Hell was only the beginning for Dilvish and Black, his demonic metal horse. Finding Jelerak, the evil sorcerer who sent him to two hundred years . “Dilvish, the Damned” holds a place in a list of books and stories long avoided because of the people who recommended them. With this book.

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It’s interesting that the first few stories have more of the overwrought language reminiscent of Howard, while the later stories abandon this to some extent. His trusty steed is a demon encased in the iron body of a black stallion. A formerly cursed hero, arises from the beyond to a vastly different world. Now only it looks cool, but it also never gets tired, can be used as a battering ram in case of an emergency, makes a great warhorse, talks, has a healthy sense of humor, and can cast some fairly advanced spells.

He helps to frustrate the ambitions of Jelerak but that’s all he can manage so far.

Not the least of which is that he is outclassed by his enemy. Oh, that’s a neat catch. While the book was still OK, it had no ending. My selection system was pretty well-established. Still, this would be no great handicap, if he could put it off again as easily as daned took it on— with the ring he had made for this purpose. And, a few pages later, Dilvish spends more than one page just climbing a stinkin’ mountain.


Zelazny had even made the comparison to Conan himself, saying that he wanted a character he could go back to whenever he needed to pump out a short story, as Robert E. An ancient, forgotten goddess tried and failed to stop his quest for vengeance, while a werewolf almost succeeded. Some time passes in here, and other events outside the focus of the stories are put to rest, but I don’t see any reference to what happened to his special sword.

On the whole, I enjoyed the stories, cover notwithstanding. If anyone has earned some up-rounding, it’s him.

Dilvish the Damned (Dilvish Stories, book 1) by Roger Zelazny

This time, however, I cracked those books open lookin’ for This is more like 3. This was how I found Dilvish, the Damned. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jan 19, Nikola Pavlovic rated it really liked it. Other books in the series. Hundreds of years before the main story, he comes across a dark ritual being performed by the sorcerer Jelerak who is sacrificing a human girl.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Daned attempts to stop the ritual but is turned into stone, with his soul banished to Hell. Zelazny got me good with this one. For a while, I had toyed with the idea of Roger Zelazny Concordance that would lay out all these connections.


Recommended for fans of “old style” fantasy. And I believe I recall dilvizh Krulik said that Zelazny approved everything in the book, but I’m not sure I believe that is actually the case.

Dilvish, the Damned

The book was OK, well written, but just not my cup of tea. Nov 10, Carlos rated it liked it. While the later stories tend more towards relaxed prose, and greater detail and nuance in the flow of the stories. Dilvish, the deliverer of Portaroy, has been through some rough times.

Martin and Neil Gaiman. View all 4 comments.

Sin embargo se nota claramente que el mundo es un mundo oscuro, pagano, en donde los servidores del diablo se encuentran hasta en las cantinas, libando con vino sangriento. And then there’s the comedy, little wry exchanges, that help to stamp Zelazny’s personal vision on the unfolding dilvlsh. Oh, man, you’ve got to read Dilvish!