This sexy but lackluster fantasy novel kicks off the Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing, Author, Alessandra Balzer, Editor Volo $ (p) ISBN. The Daughters of the Moon book series by Lynne Ewing includes books Goddess of the Night, Into the Cold Fire, Night Shade (Daughters of the Moon, Book 3). The Daughters of the Moon Series () [Lynn Ewing] on *FREE* Back. Goddess of the Night (Daughters of the Moon 1) · Lynne Ewing.

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Daughters of the Moon is a novel series by Lynne Ewing. Volume Two 4 – 6 omnibus Maggie is running out of time on this earth. These characters go through the discovery of their true fate a typical good versus evil plotand they learn Daughters of the Moon is a rather long series, and this book is made up of the first three books.

But then, I suppose few people have ever acted kindly toward them. They all wear moon amulets. Each focuses on the girls, but each has one main one tofocus on each book. The first book in this volume quickly convinced me that it is right for me.

Mar 01, Heather Moore rated it liked it. The different powers the characters had were interesting. Using a potion that Lynnne procures from the ancient enchantress Circe, she then lives on by possessing other people and switching bodies whenever the one she possesses becomes old. Jul 03, Kristen rated it it was ok.

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Daughters of the Moon #1: Goddess of the Night

Also, I just wished that these girls were a lot older because of some of the content that happens and these girls at the beginning of this se This series is a reread for me and its a daughetrs that will always have a sepcial place in my heart because these books got me into reading. She was born in A. This book was the most creepy of the three, because the bit with the Atrox erasing any memory Serena had that would interfere with their plan was just creepy cool. If These books get 3 stars because of the myths behind them.

It is later revealed that he is a servusa slave in Nefandus.

Dsughters meets Stanton at Planet Bang, and begins dating him, unaware of his status as a Follower. Most people would automatically assume that this is a vampire book because those are popular, but it isn’t.

It looks rather large because its 3 books in one. Sons of the Dark is a companion series. She was sentenced to Youth Camp twice, and has two tear mark tattoos, one for each time.

Other books in the series. The Prophecy I really like the characters. Plus, I would love to dye my hair crayola red. Views Read Edit View history.

Want to Read saving….

Daughters of the Moon Series by Lynne Ewing

This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style. Daughter of the Moon and former member of an LA gang. I was so so wrong. It seems that each story started slow and the last 50 pages were non-stop until the end. Daughters of the Moon And no, I am NOT trying to trick you into reading a terrible book.


Into the Cold Fire, 4 Stars Book 3: The battle scenes in the book when the daughters fa Rating this book was kinda hard since there were three books bound together all in one. But the truth is that they are ewwing far from ordinary. The Final Eclipse by Lynne Ewing. dajghters

Evil is so unprepared for that. She falls in love with a mortal and leaves the moon. Goddess of the Night Shelve Into the Cold Fire. Well, I guess there wouldn’t be a story if there were actual tje units in their lives. This one doesn’t do it for me.

What I love the most however, is the nods to classical mythology and how they end up playing out in each story. After she helps to defeat the Atrox she is faced with the choice of becoming a guardian moon or losing her memories of what she is and her powers. I grabbed it because of the mythos attached to it, thinking it would embrace natural femininity.

Ewiing a Daughter of the Moon, she is able to expand her molecules and become invisible. When Tianna wakes up one day, she doesn’t know wh… More. Shelve Daughters of the Moon, Volume 1.