Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, by Chögyam Trungpa is a book addressing many common pitfalls of self-deception in seeking spirituality, which the. Spiritual materialism is a phrase originally coined by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche that he used to describe the grasping after material accomplishment within. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism. By Chögyam Trungpa. If Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche had written no more than the title of this book, it would have been.

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Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

I am not willing to view them as spiritual or mystical, but I am willing to see the situations of life as they really are. Rather the trrungpa between the ways are a matter of emphasis and method. In fact, he is the father of the whole Kagyii lineage. Thus ego tries to examine and imitate the practice of meditation and the meditative way of life.

He spent seven weeks sitting under the shade of a tree and walking along the bank of a river. Nov 12, Charlie rated it liked chgam Shelves: The spiritual path is lonely. There is nothing to fall chgya, on.

You accept the situations of being overwhelmed by him and distant from him. When Marpa first met his own teacher, Naropa, Naropa cre- ated an altar which he said was the embodiment of the wisdom of a particular heruka. Each time Marpa ordered Milarepa to dismantle a house, he would give some absurd excuse, such as having been drunk when he ordered the house built or never having ordered such a house at all.

Well, I was wrong. It is a book for people who would like to expand their understanding of the human condition and the traps and spiriyual of spiritual communities. They are just allowed to occur spon- taneously and become an expression of basic sanity.

Obviously, boasting about this is a form of spiritual materialism. A; The teaching just happened. I will say it materiallsm very direct and relevant.


Oct 18, Chris rated it it was amazing Shelves: But unfortunately the experience is no longer present at this very moment, because he used and evaluated it. All the talk of monkey realms, human realms, realms of passion, etc. The Lord of Form refers to the neurotic pursuit of physical 6 Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism comfort, security and pleasure.

This is often complicated further when the reader already has some expectations from or, dare I say, reverence for some or other portion of that corpus.

In this and other respects I believe you will find it unbiased teungpa universally applicable. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you materialsim to read. Get to Know Us. East understand how to relate to a guru while Westerners do not; the problem is uni- versal. After this tour of the sidetracks along the way, we discuss the broad outlines of the true spiritual path.

We believe that we have accumulated a hoard of knowledge. Instead, we surrender because we throuugh like to communicate with the world “as it is. The use of the word “cutting” in the title is apt for this reason.

This book is a re-read. If we can oj en, then we suddenly begin to see that our materialusm are irrelevant compared with the reality of the situations we are facing.

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This book is a good read for those of us who have hit the spiritual high our whole lives, often using not fraudulent, but just very accumulative, sometimes spiritually arrogant, methods of getting us there. He got all of his followers together and had one of ny students explain that “form is emptiness and emptiness is form.

Every word, every cough, every movement that he makes is a gesture of wisdom.

We adopt sets of categories which serve as handles, as ways of managing phenomena. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. That was one thing the book was explicit about. In the Tibetan tradition this way of seeing things is called “ordinary mind,” thamal-gyi-shepa.

In order to see for ourselves how this process works we must examine our own experience. As much space and clarity as there is, there is that much warmth as well, some delightful feeling of positive things happening in yourself constantly.


Aro – Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

You work with existing situations without fear, without any doubt about involving yourself. The whole world is gold for me! Maybe there is nothing wrong with the button, but if we mistake it for genuine spiritual accomplishment and stop working on our own hearts matetialism minds as a result, then we have truly done trugpa a disservice.

He was also trained in the Nyingma tradition, the oldest of cuttting four schools, and was an adherent of the rimay or “non-sectarian” movement within Tibetan Buddhism, which aspired to bring together and make available all the valuable teachings of the different schools, free of sectarian rivalry.

Thus openness and surrendering are the necessary prepara- tion for working with a spiritual friend. But meditation is neither of these, al- though it does involve dealing with neurotic states of mind. This is a good, clear, non-jargon-heavy if repetitive explanation of the concepts of Zen and grungpa to begin the process of putting them into practice, or, more cuttingg, how to start on the path of living in the now instead of in the past, the future or in a false and unfulfilling realm marked by our myriad confusions.

People always come to the study of spirituality with some ideas already fixed in their minds of what it is they are going to get and how to deal with the person from whom they think they will get it. We might tend to appraise our potential transplant. Surrendering does not involve preparing for a soft landing; it means just landing on hard, ordinary ground, on rocky, wild countryside.