25 out. PDF | This work presents an analysis of the bibliographic classification system, Universal Decimal Classification – UDC, specifically of classes. CDU – classificação decimal universal: tabela de autoridade. Front Cover. Portugal.. Biblioteca Nacional. Biblioteca Nacional, CDU: Classificação Decimal Universal: tabela de autoridade. Front Cover. Portugal. Biblioteca Nacional, ed. lit. Biblioteca Nacional Portugal,

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O falsa problema [A false problem] ; I. Extensions and corrections to the UDC, 30pp.

Extensions univerasl corrections to the UDC, 19 p. Biblioteca, 23 7, pp. Destination library, 15pp. Knjiznica, 52 1, p. Skrb za kvaliteto klasifikacijskih oznak v vzajemnem katalogu [Subject indexing of library material: Real research more difficult, because the category of esotery is not recognised either by UNESCO, or by library catalogues, but categorises it under philosophy, psychology, religion, science medical sciences and documentary, or sometimes under classic literature — according to individual judgement.


Subject access to bibliographic communication: Can classification yield an evaluative principle for information retrieval?

Przeglad Biblioteczny, 2pp. Overview of recent developments in the organization and the polica of the UDC. It is argued that Documentology constitutes an object area for the information sciences. Biblioteca, 18 8, pp.

The present state and future prospects Lang.: Scientific and technical information processing, 36 5, pp. UDC and libraries in an Internet world Lang.: Extension and Classificqo to the UDC, 28p.

Universal Decimal Classification Research Papers –

Biblioteca 7 Extensions and corrections to the UDC, 27 Supplement, p. Extensions and Corrections to the UDC, 28p. Leerstoelgroep Boek- Archief- en Informatatiewetenschap, Journal of Documentation, 64 2, p.

Preparation of edition] Lang.: Extensions and corrections to the UDC 31, pp. Classification and the Internet; A. Proceedings of the International Seminar “Information access for the global community”, JuneThe Hague[see ], p. Lenguas en la CDU.

Bibdigital D. José I

International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control, 29 4,p. Biblioteca ABIR ; Biblioteca, 20 5, pp. British Standards Institution, The article gives a short overview of the history of the use of Universal Decimal Classification UDC as worldwide documentary language.


Extensions and corrections to the UDC Vol. European modernism and the information society: Aspects of complementarity are discussed with particular emphasis on the real impact produced on IR by alternative search facilities. Technological and international aspects] Lang.: