Aldo Colombini – Magnetic – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini. Cargado por. Richard. Cours de Cartomagie Tome1_ Alex. Uploaded by. Simon Moreau · Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini. Uploaded by. Richard Lefebvre · Tissot – Tour de. Colombini, Aldo. Toccata in Impromptu Card Magic DVD Vol 6: Toccata. A selected card is apparently found through luck, but when it is.

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Four red and four black cards: You repeat with six cards, then four and then two? A two-phase routine using just eight cards including a card revelation and a prediction! Magic is the art of proving impossible things in parallel dimensions that can’t be reached.

Two cards are laid face-down, unseen to one side before the action begins, after the deck has been mixed by your trusting audience, two people take a peek at a card as the deck is riffled in front of their eyes, they lock these random cards deep into their minds-eye!

The four Jacks placed in four different spots in xldo deck, assemble to the top.

Here you have a sampling of some great gags: This is a reputation maker. With a magical gesture the two cards change places, you show now that the Ace is on top of the glass, this is replaced saying that you’ll make them change back, but in a surprise twist, you spread the deck out to show both the Ace and King face up in the face down deck, and the two cards on top and under the glass The deck is then closed face up.


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Finally, you correctly name the csrtomagie of all the cards in the packet before you turn them over. All the effects are performed with regular props 3 to 5 inch diameter rings, ropes and silks.

Show them the card and as an after-thought show the bottom card you glimpsed to the person on the left. Connect with me on Twitter.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Red Hot Mamma/Chicago Opener questions

Put the red card onto the table. A great opener for any Ace routine. Two regular decks are used not supplied and you end clean with two complete And in the end, most of what we can do with the gaff can be accomplished with sleight of hand… unless we redesign a routine to gain full use of the possibilities offered by the gaff. Double lift and show the joker. You show four Jokers and a card is selected. Se continui ad utilizzare questo sito noi assumiamo che tu ne sia felice.

An amusing routine involving two jokers and an Ace, with many changes and a terrific climax where the back of the Ace changes color and a big collombini appears on the back of the Ace. And, I’m not really sure if it fits, colo,bini you might even look up my effect, Color Quickie – yeah, it’s somewhere in one of my books. Turn the deck face up and force the face up 6D Turn the deck face down and show that the only RB card is indeed the chosen card 6D.


A spectator tries to match some cards but he fails to match more than just a few. You show two separate packets of cards, four Queens and four Kings. The twelve face cards are used to produce a series of bewildering coincidences, where at the end all the cards match!

Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini

A fantastic packet trick with the four Kings and the four Queens where they change places and at the end the four Aces appear. Lawrence O, thank you for that impressive list. The Kings disappear and you cartpmagie left with eight black cards. At the end all the other cards are blank.

Aldo Colombini – Impromptu Card Magic – PDF Free Download

You are going to deal yourself several good hands including colombbini Aces and finishing up with a Royal Flush. Colonbini spectator names his card. At the end, they change into four Jokers with different colored backs. First trick of the video, blended with other effects. Then the initials in the corner of the chosen card is transferred on the opposite colored one. A spectator cuts the deck at random and he finds the four Kings.