Bron-Yr-Aur by Led Zeppelin tab with free online tab player. One accurate version. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal. Bron-Yr-Aur is a song by Led Zeppelin. Words and music by Jimmy Page. As heard on Led Zeppelin’s recording Physical Graffiti. Guitar tablature PDF. Learn to play ‘Bron Yr Aur’ easy by Led Zeppelin with guitar tabs and chord diagrams. Updated: February 18th,

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If this is your first time visiting you should be seeing a blue animated fretboard. I’ve been playing guitar for 1 year, and actually I can play some zeppelin songs, but Bron yr aur stomp is so complicated for me because I don’t know the tuning and I can’t find a reliable tab. Despite the easy intro, there are some very tricky bits to watch out for, and the pace is fast. This one little part really takes some skill because you need to pull off and as the pull off releases the open E note – pick the bass note with your thumb at precisely the same time.

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This guitar instrumental is in an open C6 tuning: Hope to be able and play it one day but don’t have the chops yet. Already have an account? Once you have a feel for the fast T pattern, a lot of the rest of the tune will come easier. This the toughfest Zeppelin song I tried yet and couldn’t even work out the intro. If you feel your system meets these requirements but it still isn’t working get in bron-tr-aur and we’ll see if we can help.


Thankfully, it bro-nyr-aur canned Hi guys, first sorry for by bad english.

Posted July 20, There are occasional breaks from this. Posted July 21, edited.

Bron-yr-aur Guitar Pro tab by Led Zeppelin @ Tabs

What most people do when they play this song is just skip that hron-yr-aur bass note altogether. Sign in Already have an account? In order to view this ActionTab preview you need a web browser with Flash 9 or higher and Javascript.

This is some typical Jimmy Page mastery, and will be a real challenge. The live version as Ev mentioned is in open G and there doesn’t seem to be a tab for it anywhere. If you are using a device running on Google Android you will be able to use Flash. You need to be a member in order to leave rbon-yr-aur comment.

BRON-YR-AUR Tab / Chords by Led Zeppelin

So easy you’ll be playing in minutes. The good news is that much bron-tr-aur the tune uses open strings such as the introwhich makes the fingering much easier and lets you concentrate more on the fingerpicking side of things right from the beginning. In other words the bass note of the next chord should sound at the same moment as the note you just pulled off to or just fractionally bron-yr-aurr it. At normal speed it is a fraction of a second.


That’s where their more acoustic 3rd album was inspired and written, but Bron-Yr-Aur didn’t make it onto that album same for a few other songs.

Posted August 10, edited. Youtube also has some video lessons. Forgot to mention that the other day. Since one of the posters there mentions that Jimmy Page uses some Chet Atkins riffs, get ready for some jazzy chords. Posted July 26, Can somebody send me a nice bron-r-aur of this song or a lesson video?

The pull off is much more important as it is a defining part of the melody line. Posted August 2, Tune to open G. Sign bron-yr-xur with Facebook.