Breithaupt Piano – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Notes on the Breithaupt school of thought in Piano. Rudolf Maria Breithaupt (* August in Braunschweig; † 2. April in Ballenstedt) war ein deutscher Komponist und Musikpädagoge (Klavier). English (Vol.2), John Bernhoff (fl–). Composer Time PeriodComp. Period, Early 20th century. Piece Style, Early 20th century. Instrumentation, piano .

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But Deppe, instead of saying, ‘Oh, you’ll get this after years of practice,” shows me how to conquer the difficulty now. It not only helps us to create a good tone but also protects us from getting tired and breithauppt when we practice.

Rudolf Breithaupt Natural piano-technic Die natürliche Klaviertechnik Etudes Exercises

We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.

Also, his exhortation to listen to oneself and to emphasize all musical breithautp clearly, so the audience can understand them, is good. And both sides are right, except that they’re talking about different things, usually without realizing it.

It makes me feel more comfortable and relax to breighaupt the piano. Certainly Breithaupt knew there was more than just weight involved in piano playing, as he wrote in his book Natural Piano Technic II”Finger-action with weight is the the only correct action. Ronald Taejin Weiqing ahuckleb boties louis. Most often it seems like the differing opinions arise mainly from different things being meant by the same terms, and really nothing more — yet without the people having any clue about this.


If you play it correctly you can feel this, and the transfer of weight from one finger to the next as your hand rotates at the elbow, will result in a beautiful, even legato. Please Support Our Advertisers.

Arm Weight and some short History – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

John referred to the problematic use of the word “weight. Chapter 16 Chapter 16 Relax! Monday, April 12, Breithaupt and Weight Technique. Clearly the term “arm weight” is used here in a special sense, which is unfortunate, because it might be helpful to be able to discuss it in the conventional literal sense I tried and felt very strange when I play in this posture.

Our aim is to do away with wrong ideas and to trace back to their real and natural sources the action of our playing members and the effect produced by them. Originally Posted by JohnSprung. Help improve my ear and vocabulary!

Didn’t read the whole 1st post, but very glad to see that the breithaupr first reply talks about this. Chapter 16 Vive La France! I liked what you wrote about immediately after the tension comes the relaxation! Monday, April 12, Breithaupt: Heidi Graff April 13, at 5: I do believe in “relaxed weight”.

Die natürliche Klaviertechnik (Breithaupt, Rudolf Maria)

To feel as though the hand were so relaxed that it falls onto the keyboard. Actually, I am suffering from extrem back pain and arm pain nowadays because my recital is coming up and I worked too hard. However, no one was able to explain the principle until this school appeared. The effort required to do that is not constant. Of course a lot of the time you can’t do that, but when the music allows, I find that it makes it easier, especially after a few hours of playing.


He takes the piece, and while he plays it with the most wonderful fineness of conception, he cold-bloodedly dissects the mechanical elements of it, separates them and tells you how to use your hand so as to grasp them one after the other.

Here’s some research I did about the idea of weight through history. Newer Post Older Post Home. The same thing applies on a smaller scale to the forearms when we play the piano. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Arnold Schultz pointed out Breithaupts method might have more accurately been named the School of Arm-Touchrather than the school of weight. The Best Books of Hold both arms out horizontal straight in front of you like a B-movie zombie, and in a few minutes the greater effort required will be clear.

Relaxation is a wonderful thing, but jellyfish cannot play the piano. Godowsky said “I let my arms hang down with their own weight, and made no effort to hold them up.

Most Online 15, Mar breitahupt, Breithaupt focuses a great deal on the movement of the whole arm dictating the movement of the fingers. Originally Posted by phantomFive While I certainly think that the whole arm should be involved in playing the piano, I found that it was actually more difficult, and uncomfortable, to execute a scale or a tremolo using only the “rolling” arm motion he described.

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