Again, we appreciate your selection of an Airtronics Radio Control System and wish you many hours of flying enjoyment. RD Transmitter Specifications. AIRTRONICS. RD Radio System. Operating Manual. INTIMES no! Airplane Thank you for selecting the Airtronic RD Radio System. In deigning the. download airtronics rd manual. I need a owners manual for an Airtronics RD radio (not the super).. I found one here, but it’s $

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Basic programming gives you the basic features included in the RD Super.


Reverse for all other channels are done the same way. The second number indicates the destination of the model being copied. This feature can also be used on an engine powered model to make small elevator trim corrections as power is applied or reduced.

Pressing the END key on the front panel several times will bring you to the following screen, i. Basic must be turned OFF before this feature will operate see page This will be your Master channel. Then turn Off your transmitter power switch. I will give the right-of-way and avoid flying in the proximity of full-scale aircraft. The same procedure can be used to input values for RV. The first charater will be flashing to indicate you can change that letter.

Now screw Part A in or out to the desired position and lock it in place by screwing Part B against it. The connectors are rugged but should be handled with care.

All switches on the transmitter are now reversed in their function. The Actual speed of signal processing and servo movement are not affected by the Dual Rate settings, only the amount of total throw available. For example, when you are in a knife-edge and you give it right rudder but the plane pulls to the top of the aircraft you can simply moved the stick to the right and press the INC or DEC keys and abserve the elevator movment. F-Mode 3 or Hold: REV Reverse Reverses the servo operating direction.


The Liquid Crystal Display shows an Aero model selected; however, a similar screen will be displayed when a Helicopter type model is selected. We recommend you leave it at that setting and only change the setting for Dual Rate 2, i. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

Can be set Positive or Negative. Any other modifications made to the transmitter other than changing the flight mode switch locations will void any and all warranties covered be Airtronics Inc.

Prior to taking off your model, check the positions of your rr mode switches and make sure they are in the position you want. When the Bar Graph reads less than half you should not fly until you recharge the transmitter. Flight Modes 1, 2 and 3.

A negative value will speed up the response and it will make the stick movement more sensitive around the neutral position.

To test the action of your preprogrammed Fail Safe, place your elevator stick in the neutral position. Back to home page. Press the END key 2 times to return to the Main screen. Having selected both the data source Model 1 and the desired destination in this example Model 3you airtronnics now proceed to confirm the copy function.

For Sale – Airtronics RD Super, 2 receivers – RC Groups

Because of the many features of the RD Super, this manual is quite long. Aiftronics means that the downwards-deflecting aileron will move half as much as does the upward-deflecting aileron. However, helicopter flyers may find it advantages to read all sections of the manual to become more acquainted with the operation of the RD Super unit.

  IMM 5549 PDF

Note that the High Throttle Stick alarm is always active.

Manual for the Airtronics RD Transmitter – RC Groups

For example the swash plate type for a helicopter, ones you select the swash plate type you can then turn the swash plate type screen off because you have no adjustments in that screen and by turning the screen off you will not mistakenly change the swash plate type. L Revolution Mixing Low Point. The RST function will only affect the specific model that you have selected. We are showing an example for the Elevator channel. The 2 and 4 screws adjust the tension for the horizontal motion of each stick.

Options Active or Inoperative.

Sanwa RD6000 manual PDF

Since you must have two servos to obtain electronic differential, the first thing to do is activate FLAPE Flaperons as indicated on page This allows you to bypass the protective diode. This causes the plane to fly very slowly and descend gently. With Exponential disabled, a control funtion servo will move in an amount proportional to the amount of control stick deflection, i.