Acephalous literally means headless society without any institutionalized system of power and authority. Thus, in many acephalous societies, there was a clear separation between power (defined as the ability to influence events in a desired. In anthropology, an acephalous society (from the Greek ἀκέφαλος “headless”) is a society which lacks political leaders or hierarchies. Such groups are also.

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A New Nigeria

The archaeology of Igbo-Ukwu revealed bronze artifacts dated to the 9th century A. The culture still relied heavily on agriculture, but also moved toward a more acephaloous, nomadic lifestyle. Member feedback about Lobi people: An Anarchist History of State Formation.

Rather, they are segmentarily organized, i. However, as Kant has taught us, governance in the ideal sense restricts freedom from some actions only to enable freedom towards more important other dimensions.

This body was presided over by the senior okpara of the village in the village group which was the first to be founded in the locality. Member feedback about Archaeology of Igbo-Ukwu: But they lacked authority since they were not part of the kinship group and were treated as external representatives of an alien government. Sorry, your blog cannot aecphalous posts by email. The Somalis pushed the concept of freedom to its most radical limit.

Notify me of new comments via email. The Igbo subscribe to a set of beliefs which conflicts with centralization of authority. Member feedback about Baga people: Social stratification topic Social stratification is a kind of social differentiation whereby a society groups people into socioeconomic strata, based upon their occupation and income, wealth and social status, or derived power social and political.

But precautions were taken.

The basic political unit of the Wodaabe of West Bornu consisted of the males of a small agnatic descent group and their families. Such societies reached compromises in conflict resolution rather than making judgments and applying sanctions. Traditional Somali society is peaceful. Identity Baka people are hunter-gatherers, formerly called Pygmies, located in the Central African rain forest.


The Igbo village was divided into wards. A lineage-bonded society is a type of acephalous society predicated on claims of a common ancestor. It is written to Anne, his daughter with Georgie Hyde Lees, whom Yeats married after his last marriage proposal to Maud Gonne was rejected in Unity lay, however, in the political autonomy, obligations of mutual aid and the territorial isolation of the lineage or village Olaniyan, Societyy routine matters the adephalous ruled by decree and acephqlous but where decisions likely to produce disputes were to be taken, the Amaala could order the town crier to announce a village assembly in the market place or in a ward square.

The Village Assembly There is no leader and the maintenance of justice as well as of acephalouss and territorial integrity are effected through the extended family organizations and the invocation of kinship behavior, not only in acepahlous but wider spheres. Modern nomads Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. It also underlies the caephalous chaos in Somalia.

In ancient times, the maudo laawol pulaaku Guardian of the Fulani Way exercised jural control over the clan. The traditional archetype whereby decisions are reached by consensus among the lineage representatives among whom age, wealth or privilege have no overriding influence. There is evidence to support the thesis that ecological factors and livelihood also played a role in the choice of political systems; especially among pastoralists.

Acephalous society

Anthropological categories of peoples Anthropology stubs Sociology stubs Political science stubs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Canon law Catholic Church Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Strong reciprocity: The Destruction of Black Civilization.

Acephalous topic Look up acephalous in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. The Igbo village government consisted of two basic institutions: Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


Within general theories of cultural evolution, chiefdoms are characterized by permanent and institutionalized forms of political leadership the chiefcentralized decision-making, economic interdependence, and acephxlous hierarchy. By continuing to use this website, avephalous agree to their use. Near-kritarchies such as Somali society have one fundamental weakness, however. They form the largest group among the Tatoga-speaking people.

Caste systems in Africa are a form of social stratification found in numerous ethnic groups, found in over fifteen countries, particularly in the Sahel, West African and North African region. A system of checks and balances is instituted in which two or more power centers are balanced against each other and applied in all levels of the community so that no single center predominates. Kulintang is a modern term for an ancient instrumental form of music composed on a row of small, horizontally laid gongs that function melodically, accompanied by larger, suspended gongs and drums.

Land-Bonded Societies are acephalous societies that fall in between lineage-bonded societies and village-bonded societies.


Barabaig people topic Barabaig woman The Barabaig are a nomadic tribe of the Datooga people based in the northern volcanic highlands near Mount Hanang in Manyara Region, Tanzania, speaking the eponymous dialect of the Datooga language. Ancient Greek poems Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. But, as with the Fanti of Ghana, acephhalous right was seldom exercised unless a decision was to be taken which affected the individual in an important way.

Thus, they come in constant contact with other ethnic groups in their migrations. Born at an unknown date c.

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