discussed in this manual. The official Honda Service Manual for your CRF is available (page ). It is the same manual your dealer uses. If you plan to do any. Honda CRF R Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honda CRF R Assembly Instructions Manual. View and Download Honda CRFR owner’s manual online. Honda CRFR. CRFR Motorcycle pdf manual download.

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Make sure the O-ring 4 is in The fuel filter is mounted on the bottom left side of the fuel tank. Application of a thread locking agent to essential fasteners should be replaced. Turn the fuel valve OFF.

Honda CRFR – Owner’s Manual – Page #15 – PDF

Suspension Adjustments for Track Conditions Soft Surface On soft ground, sand, and especially mud, consider increasing compression damping front and rear. Inspect the cylinder head cover packing 3 4. But it’s just as important to observe the break-in guidelines and perform all the pre-ride and other periodic checks detailed in this manual You should also read the owner’s manual before you ride. And operating this motorcycle safely is an important responsibility.

Measure the diameter of the drive chain decrease slack or clockwise to increase slack. Insert the feeler gauge 21 between the intake valve lifter and cam lobe.


Install the five clutch springs and clutch Stack the seven clutch plates and seven clutch spring bolts 9. Injury from moving parts. The best way to organize worked best at a particular location. Loosen the lock nut 1. Calculate the free sag dimension.

Honda CRF 250 R 2008 Manuals

Clean the surfaces where the axle and axle Fit the brake caliper 21 over the disc, taking 18 and axle holder thoroughly.

Your Honda Dealer Your Honda Dealer Once you purchase your new Honda, get familiar Your dealer can inform you about competition with the organization of your Honda dealer so events in your area. Remove the fork damper from the fork. Tighten the fork damper assembly 4 to the assembly 4 is in good condition.

Do not align the piston pin clip end gap with the piston cut-out 6. Rear Suspension Adjustments 4. If the pads 20 mmthere is probably air in the brake are not worn, have your brake system inspected system and it must be bled.

The fuel line leading to the Removal 6. Page 66 1 shims 2 valve retainers 4.


Install the muffler page 88but do not tighten the bolt yet. Page 99 maroon is for removing stains on the non-coated aluminum frame only. Measure the length of the lock nut 2 and Place clean shop towels in the crankcase to Spread each piston ring 1 and remove by lifting 1. Page 52 If the cable is kinked or chafed, have it replaced. Record the rebound damping adjuster position Remove the muffler page Use genuine Honda parts or their equivalent when servicing your CRF.


Air Cleaner Service the air cleaner more frequently if you ride in unusually wet or dusty areas.

Clean the piston ring thoroughly. Maintenance Safety Be sure there is adequate ventilation whenever you operate the engine.

After installing the fork leg page tighten the fork damper to the specified torque: No mark 1 scribe mark and factory products Recommended Oil: See the Service Manual or adjusters are firmly located in a detent, and not the fork is too hard on big bumps, turn the your Honda dealer for this service.

Make sure that the bolts are torqued securely enough to prevent slippage during normal operation.

Fork Oil Capacity Optional Stiffer 4. Pull the dust cover 2 back.